Become a Vendor for Stone Oak Management

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As a leading property management company in Austin, we are dedicated to providing outstanding service to our customers and our clients. We are always seeking licensed and insured vendors that showcase high standards, take pride in their work, communicate well, and charge competitively for their services.

To get started becoming a preferred vendor for Stone Oak, please review all the information below and follow the steps.

Step 1.

Review Stone Oak Management's Work Order Policy 

1. For payment on completed work orders, vendors must provide complete information on their company. This includes contact information, payment information, and a W – 9. They must also provide a copy of
current insurance coverage. 

2. Vendors will confirm receipt of work order and make reasonable attempts to schedule repairs directly with the tenant within 24 hours of assignment. 

3. Any work order given to a vendor should be completed within 3 business days of its assignment. If it cannot be completed within that time, Vendor is to notify the property manager. Before and after photos are required for every job.

4. Vendor will not discuss work being completed or findings with tenants, but rather direct tenants back to Stone Oak Management if there are questions. 

5. The invoice for completed work orders must be turned in within 45 Days of assignment or it will not be paid. 

6. Vendor invoices must include: 

  • Our associated work order #
  • Vendor invoice #
  • Work performed
  • Address where work was completed
  • Any warranty information if applicable
  • Invoices must separate labor from material

7. Invoices can be turned in using the following:
(options with * will delay processing by 2-3 business days from receipt) 

  • Email - attach invoice with any notes on it and pics as a reply to the original email request for that job
  • Secure link (online shows all your jobs) - submit invoice details, notes, upload pics, and update status of job 
  • *Fax - send to 512-994-2300 and email pictures and other details separately 
  • *Paper - hard copies brought to the office during business hours, left in drop box by front door, or sent by mail with email pics and other details separately as needed

8.  Invoice payment selection is below. After submission and review we will process the invoices and pay them either by: 

  • credit card within 1-2 business days or,  
  • direct deposit paid on the 1st and 15th of each month on the following terms:
    • Invoices received between the 10th – 24th, will  be processed for payment on the 1st
    • Invoices received between the 25th – 9th, will be processed for payment on the 15th.
  • Payment times here are guidelines and may vary slightly due to weekends, holidays, etc. Direct deposit takes 1-2 business days from initiation.

Step 2.

Fill out the form and upload proof of insurance.

You're done! A member of our team will review your submission and contact you directly. After review you will be sent a Docusign request for W-9 & Direct Deposit (if applicable).

Thank you!